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2019 DIGITAL LINE – Streaming Audio

STREAMING AUDIO. SISTEMA HIFIOS is the operating system that we have created from scratch to adapt perfectly to our boards. No other computer manufacturer, or similar, offers a single card operating system specially designed for audio use. No large developer community is involved.

Thanks to SISTEMA HIFIOS the configuration is simple, and all the hardware features are always perfectly supported.

Streaming services.
The most important feature of SISTEMA HIFIOS is the use of various audio streaming technologies. Thanks to the open source community we make all the main protocols available.

Currently integrated technologies:
AirPlay audio player without CODE
Spotify Connect player without CODE
Default setting with ALSA hardware volume control
No upstream HW volume
we added ALSA HW volume control for exclusive HIFI SYSTEM
UPnP renderer without CODE for use with music servers
Logitech LMS / SqueezeBox client without CODE
Default setting with ALSA hardware volume control
Auxiliary output analogue LINE and TOSLINK I2S SPDIF
Application cmd line to activate aux inputs
Apps for Android and iOS, for even simpler configuration and use
Webradio: listen to internet radio stations worldwide
Using specific app you can control playback even in Multiroom.
Useful for wireless left / right speakers.

Audio driver.
The audio drivers for the ICs we use on the HIFIOS SYSTEM boards are written from scratch or modified for perfect integration.
An additional advantage that can have only a manufacturer who modifies and adapts his operating system for a specific application.

SISTEMA HIFIOS includes a 352KHZ 32Bit analog-to-digital converter (DAC) with integrated audio processing and volume control.
Not only we did bring that driver to our custom Linux tree, but we also slightly modified it. Preventing the DAC from entering shutdown mode.

Our network streaming not only offers digital I2S input, but also an easy-to-use signal processor (DSP). Thanks to our driver written from scratch, the volume of the hardware and the tone control have never been so simple. Just use the ALSA interface (eg alsamixer) to change the volume, bass, treble and balance. Of course, streaming services also directly use hardware volume control. And soon the tone control settings will also be available through our app.

Updating method.
Another really qualifying aspect is the delivery of updates. We have in fact found a solution that allows you not to have to remove the SD card to restore the entire system in the event of an update.

Price Vat included: € 2.100,00