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SV-2A3 single-ended stereo power amplifier 3,5W + 3,5W 
SV-KT88 single-ended stereo power amplifier 8W + 8W 
SV-300BE single-ended stereo power amplifier 8W + 8W 
SV-6l6SX single-ended stereo power amplifier6,5W + 6,5W 
SV-2A3EPXpush pull endend monaural power amplifier 8W + 8W
SV-TE/2A3 PXpush pull ended monaural power amplifier 8W + 8W
SV-2A3TSXsingle ended monaural power amplifier 6,5W 
SV-300BTE single ended monaural power amplifier 8W 
SV-300BSM single ended monaural power amplifier 15W 
SV-PM200 single-ended stereo integrated amplifier 5W + 5W 
SVC-200 line control preamplifier 15W 
SVC-500 line control preamplifier with balanced in/out/ transf.
SVC-1000 tube preamplifier with CR-type phono equalizer(*)
SAT-2000step up transformer MC
SV-PE700CRCR-type phono equalizer