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Shipping and deliveries


Product availability is always indicated in the product detail page.

There are two levels of availability:

  • Immediate availability:the product is available at the NONSOLOMUSICA site, so it can be ordered immediately and in a few days will arrive at the customer’s home.
  • Available in a few days: the product is temporarily unavailable at the NONSOLOMUSICA site but a new supply has already been made, or the product is available at external warehouses or at the distributor’s headquarters, so it can be ordered immediately, with times of usually short but variable delivery. To find out the supply and delivery times, call +39 0331 1081751 or send an e-mail to the address:

Shipping Times

When the Customer visualizes the pages of the catalog he can see indicated the shipping date set for a certain product.

How is this time estimated?

In addition to availability, the time required to manage the order must also be taken into account. Orders with the fastest delivery are those made with online payment (credit card or PayPal).

Different payment methods and delivery methods can change the shipping time. For example, postpaid types, such as bank transfers, can delay the shipping date. In these cases, the order will be processed upon receipt of the confirmation of the credit in the bank.

For most Italian locations, delivery takes place within 1/2 working days.

Once the Customer has confirmed the order and selected the preferred payment and delivery method, NONSOLOMUSICA processes the order and delivers the material to the courier for shipment to the address chosen by the Customer.


If the ordered goods were to be delivered outside Italy, the Customer could be subject to import duties and taxes, payable once the package reaches the specified destination. Any additional customs clearance costs will be charged to the Customer. NONSOLOMUSICA does not control these costs and cannot predict the amount. Customs policies vary considerably from country to country. Please note also that, when placing orders on the site, you are considered as an importer and you are therefore required to comply with all the legislation and regulations of the country where you will receive the goods.

The Customer’s privacy and information relating to his order are used and shared with the utmost confidentiality, but all shipments crossing the border may be subject to opening and subsequent inspection of the products by the competent customs authorities.

Shipping cost

Shipping costs are fully charged to the Customer.

The shipping cost depends on the size and weight of the products and is indicated before the conclusion of the purchase.

If the recipient of the goods is absent at the time of delivery, the courier will leave a document at the address indicated to contact his offices and arrange the return of the goods; in this case, additional costs are charged to the Customer;

Return costs relating to any reason are always charged to the Customer

Receipt of your purchases

Here are some small tips to follow when the customer receives the goods, to avoid unpleasant surprises:

  • Check that the number of packages delivered corresponds to what is indicated in the transport document
  • Check that the packaging is intact and not altered even in the closing strips.
  • If possible, the customer must unpack the product immediately and check that there is no damage.

In the event of visible tampering and / or breakage, the Customer must immediately contest the shipment and / or delivery by placing the message “ACCEPTED WITH RESERVE FOR A VISIBLE DAMAGED OR MANIFOLDED NAME” or indicate a reason appropriate to the case.

Then the customer must contact a NONSOLOMUSICA operator on +39 0331 1081751 to report the incident.

Processing of personal data

The information stored in the NONSOLOMUSICA electronic archive will be used, in addition to accounting and tax purposes, for the sole purpose of sending commercial proposals and in no way will they be used for any other purpose without the prior consent of the interested party.

Disputes and defaults

The sales contract between the Customer and NONSOLOMUSICA is concluded in Italy and therefore regulated by Italian law. For the solution of civil and criminal disputes arising from the conclusion of this distance selling contract, the Court of Milano, Italy.