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Our history

Eugenio Lazzari, a harmonic hunter since 1982.

Everything I have designed and is on sale is the result of forty years of experience in the research and development of the audio world.

As well as unforgettable encounters with loved and undisputed personalities such Jean Verdier, Sakuma, Uchida, Endo, Yamamura, Ken Shindo …

Creativity, inspiration, passion, combined with a very high technical preparation and technological knowledge.

After years of study, use, production and marketing of very sophisticated analogical devices of absolute world reference, I realized the big limits that this technology entails, and I was able to see the absolute quality leap offered by the new digital generation.

In the last ten years I have selected components of great quality and flexibility and I have used open source electronics, for evaluations and modifications trough featured programming, thus guaranteeing continuous updating over time.

I developed my research after these priority criteria, using the latest technology and with long-lasting and flexible characteristics, that can guarantee my products a decade-long technological life.

I aim to conduct any sound reproduction recorded on any format, in a real “high end” theater (a bit abused term nowadays…): yours.

The perfection of the notes in a pentagram, the result of a demanding search for materials and ancient sounds like stars, carbon dust to give back to the world a perfect analog sound.

For a great FUTURE without material connections. Wireless connectivity is rapidly replacing many forms of cable connectivity, it is the main mode of broadband access in many parts of the world. Furthermore, many portable devices no longer provide USB interfaces or displays that delegate all communications to wireless connections. The 5G architecture will continue to evolve at the network, radio access and physical levels for many years… its promise of advanced and disruptive services requires innovation at all levels.

Lazzari products are the best that research and development combine between past and future.

Happy listening to everyone,