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DAC Converters


DAC without compromise, with discrete components.
Works at 5.2MHz.
With display, remote control and excludable digital volume control.

-S/PDIF: 44.1-192kHz 
-AES: 44.1-192kHz 
-OTTICO: 44.1-96kHz 
-USB: 44.1-384kHz PCM/DSD 
-I2S: 44.1-384kHz 

RCA analogue and balanced outputs

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Digital converter with sampling support up to 192Khz / 24Bit and FET output amplifier and transistor, class A.
Total absence of POs. AMP
All digital inputs pass through a Texas Instruments SRC4192 Sample Rate Converter 24/192 Khz Master Clock 24.576 dual output 128FS to drive a pair of PCM 1793 Texas converters connected in parallel.
Plug and Play – Reads Windows and Mac PC formats – USB receiver
Standard Shunt power supply
Volume control for direct connection to a final
Three inputs:

  • USB Plug and Play,
  • Coaxial S / PDIF,
  • Optical Toslink

Two exits:

  • RCA for connection to a direct pre from the DACs
  • RCA for direct connection to an amplifier / final adjustable via standard volume and high or low gain switches

High resolution memory system connection ready to play CDs

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Converter without USB receiver on board.
Dual power supply Shunt, one for the analog circuit and the other for the digital with double toroidal transformers – PCM 1796 BurrBrown DB – 192 Khz., 24 bit converter.
Digital input, coaxial and toslink.
Output fully coupled in current.
Output amplifier completely in current.
Output RCA.

Total absence of POs. AMP

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